Our story

We started from very humble beginnings approximately 40 years ago.

Several churches and their congregation in our community recognised the need to ensure that our aged residents were taken care of and that they were not socially isolated. From this initial meek concept of ensuring that care was at the forefront of everything when it came to caring for our aged community, things really started to progress.

People volunteered their time and service to the elderly by using their own vehicles to allow them to be engaged in the community of which they are an integral part. This allowed clients to attend essential medical appointments and to attend to regular chores like shopping and maybe even catching up with friends and family. The logistics of this operation whilst small initially was managed by the churches.

Gradually the processes involved and the demand for services increased particularly with the aging population on the Yorke Peninsula. Therefore, just over 15 years ago this service moved under the auspices of Yorke Peninsula Council.

Then in 2015 the organisation stepped away from the Council to become independently managed and operated under the name of Yorke Peninsula Community Transport Incorporated. The core of the organisation at this stage was essentially revolving around transport. It also serviced 3 council areas, Barunga West, Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula and was governed by a Board of Management. This was made up of council representatives, community members, volunteers and advisory members. Every day, a small and dedicated team of staff ran the day to day operations and logistics.

In 2020 the Board of Management recognised the need to meet the ever-changing requirements and demands of the community. To that end, they actively sought and acquired the services of a Chief Executive Officer. Their role was to help transform and promote the range of services that the organisation was now delivering to the community. This was in conjunction with a long-term view in mind to ensure that the business remained self-sufficient and sustainable as well continuing to grow and explore new opportunities.

At the 20th October 2020 AGM, the members voted unanimously to support the Board’s recommendation for a name change to “Community Care and Transport Incorporated “.  

This change better reflects the full range of services it provides and allows a broader platform for growth. A new Positioning (branding) Statement of Care In Motion” was also endorsed.

2022 saw the next phase in growth for Care in Motion with the organisation expanding it’s services into the Mid-North Region of South Austalia by taking on the management of the Northern Passenger Transport Network and their Melrose Office.


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