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Each year, Community Care and Transport helps thousands of people in our community. They're proud of what we do and we detail it in our annual reports.

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Community Trips

In 2020, we made over 13,000 Cumulative client and passenger trips.

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Distance traveled

CCT vehicles traveled in excess of 760,000 kms

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Volunteer hours

Our Volunteers contributed in excess of $537k in unpaid time.

Annual Report 2020

“FY 20 despite the prevailing COVID-19 conditions during the latter half of the financial year we were still able to produce a very robust result thanks to sound, prudent Board governance, diligence and strong management.
Some of the highlights were: –
  • Net Profit of $69k (up $32k on FY19)
  • Total income of $942k (up $132k on FY19)
  • Net Equity of $411k (up $69k on FY19)
  • Current Assets of $289k (up $105k on FY19)
  • New General Manager – David McDonald
Our Board, Staff and Volunteers have all worked tirelessly to build a better organisation and we are now firmly placed to maintain and grow our services from a solid platform well into the future.”

Peter Smith - Chairperson

Annual reports

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