CARE in Motion Community Care and Transport staff and committee members attended cultural awareness training recently.
“We want to ensure our team continues to build and invite the strong connections that make our communities inclusive and support diversity,” CEO David McDonald said.
“Not only that, we are also proud of and fascinated by our local First Nations culture and heritage, and so it was great to learn more about our Aboriginal history.
“Shane Warrior and Cathy Glazbrook delivered valuable learnings and connection to the traditional owners of this amazing land on which we live and work.
“Many thanks to Nharangga Aboriginal Cultural Tours, Shane and Cathy for sharing their knowledge and stories with us!
“We also made available to each team member a copy of Nharangga Aboriginal Progress Association’s book ‘Nharangga, the Story of Us’.”
Care in Motion, based in Minlaton, is a local not-for-profit organisation which offers a range of transportation services for medical and social purposes, including the health bus, community bus and social trips.
It also operates the Community Visitors Scheme and is thankful for the support of its wonderful volunteers.
Care in Motion is always looking for more volunteers; for information, visit or call 1300 132 932.


YPCT – Wednesday, April 12,2023

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