COMMUNITY Care and Transport has added another car to its fleet, thanks to support from the Copper Coast Council.
CEO David McDonald said the new Hyundai Tucson had better technology and safety features which was critical to providing the best service to clients.
“We also want our clients to be comfortable and enjoy a smooth ride around Yorke Peninsula,” he said.
“Our previous vehicle served us and the community well over the past seven years with 270,000-plus kilometres clocked up, taking more than 2,200 clients to their destinations — we were due for an upgrade.”
Mr McDonald said he appreciated working collaboratively with like-minded people such as the Copper Coast Council.
“We have 13 cars positioned all over Yorke Peninsula with about 140 volunteers to support the community the best way we can,” he said.
Mayor Roslyn Talbot said it was a no-brainer to support Community Care and Transport.
“Their service to the community is so good and I hope more people will utilise what they have to offer,” she said.
“We look forward to the usage growing and benefiting the residents of not only the Coper Coast but the entire Yorke Peninsula.
“We hope more people can find out about this service, it’s probably one of the hidden gems we have and I don’t think enough people know what is available to them.”

Yorke Peninsula Country Times Tuesday, September 7,2021

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