COMMUNITY Care and Transport has purchased a new van thanks to support from Copper Coast Council.

CC&T CEO David McDonald said the new Toyota HiAce replaced a van which had been in service for more than 10 years and had travelled well over 330,000 kilometres.

“The old van had served us and the community well, clearly it was time to upgrade and to that end we are delighted to have the full support of Copper Coast Council mayor Roslyn Talbot, CEO Russell Peate and elected members in the decision to upgrade our van to this magnificent new Toyota HiAce van,” he said.

“It is great to work collaboratively with the Copper Coast Council to better support our community and provide them with a reliable, comfortable, and affordable transport option. The new van had its inaugural trip on Saturday, March 27, taking 10 clients on a social outing.”

Mrs Talbot said she hopes more people will use the service. “Council has been working with Community Care and Transport to provide this service that is highly valued,” she said. “We look forward to the usage growing and benefiting the residents of not only the Coper Coast but the entire Yorke Peninsula. We hope more people can find out about this service, it’s probably one of the hidden gems we have and I don’t think enough people know what is available to them.”

Volunteer driver Dennis Smith said he received great feedback from passengers. “The van travelled beautifully, providing a smooth and safe ride for all clients on board,” he said. “Feedback from all clients was extremely positive and they were thankful the council was investing back into the community with support for this much-needed service.”

Published in Yorke Peninsula Country Times – Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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