Community Care and Transport is fortunate to have a committed and dedicated team of intelligent and knowledgeable women both as staff and volunteers.
General Manager David McDonald said the organisation’s success to date could not have been achieved without the input of the various women on the team, and their commitment to providing solutions for the clients and communities in need.

“These women all come from different backgrounds and life experiences but are all united by one common cause — to make a positive difference in their communities,” Mr McDonald said. “They know their local towns and communities, and each one of them wants to help to provide positive solutions wherever possible — these women are in the know!”

Mr McDonald said the women of Community Care and Transport shared the common vision of “one team, one dream”.

“They work together, sharing the load, and truly work as one with an external focus to exceed our clients’ expectations,” he said. “While there are only two full-time team members and part-time staff, as well as casuals, they all rotate seamlessly throughout any given day or week — they never miss a beat. Communication is their secret to success.” Mr McDonald said these women commit to a critical cause and need in the community. “This need will only continue to grow as we face the challenge of an already well-above-average national and state ageing population for people 65 years and over,” he said.

“We will not walk away from the challenge as we continue to help people stay engaged in their community and to prevent social isolation among the older generation.”

Mr McDonald thanked all the wonderful women in Community Care and Transport.

“These women provide a much-needed service that is in demand,” he said. “You are all truly valued by your board, the local community and me, the bloke who has the privilege to be inspired by
your work every single day!

“Putting it simply – these women are ‘Care in Motion’!”

Published in Yorke Peninsula Country Times, 2 March 2021

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