CARE is at the forefront of everything Community Care and Transport Incorporated does.

That’s why the organisation has changed its name from Yorke Peninsula Community Transport, to better reflect its major focus on care and emphasise the quality and range of its services.

General manager David McDonald said the previous name only highlighted the transport service, and also created some confusion when abbreviated to YPCT, the same abbreviation used by
this newspaper. “At the annual general meeting, held October 20, members voted unanimously to support the board’s recommendation for a name change to Community Care and Transport Incorporated,” Mr McDonald said. “They felt the change better reflected the full range of services the organisation provides to the community, and  allowed for a broader platform to begin expanding into the future. A new positioning (branding) statement — Care in Motion — was also endorsed.

“This clearly identifies care being at the forefront of everything we do, and ‘in Motion’ represents the mobility of our operation — community transport — supporting our clients to be engaged in the community to attend medical and social events,” Mr McDonald said.

“The Community Visitors Scheme provides the ability for us to move to help prevent clients from being socially isolated in their homes by the provision of a friend or mate. And the name, Community Care and Transport Incorporated, reflects the ability to be flexible, to adapt, improvise and overcome, to grow and build upon the strong base that currently exists. “We are also a Services Australia — Centrelink agency.”

Community Care and Transport Inc. started from humble beginnings about 40 years ago, and will continue to build upon that solid base, with the intention of being around for a lot longer than
another 40 years of continued service in our community, Mr McDonald said.

“We believe our organisation has no greater responsibility as a critical part of the community than to ensure our aged residents are looked after, taken care of and not left socially isolated,” he said. “Every year we assist thousands of elderly residents to help maintain their independence, their dignity and to live their lives to the fullest, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.”

Community Care and Transport Inc. is based at 18 Fourth Street, Minlaton.
To find out how the organisation can help you, or if you are interested in volunteering, phone 1300 132 932.

YP Country Times Tuesday, January 12 , 2021

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