YORKE Peninsula Community Transport is reliant on its wonderful senior volunteer base.

The volunteers choose to give their time, energy, skills and experience to help others, with some even working as part of the Community Visitor Scheme.

“Our CVS provides friendship and companionship to older people by matching them with a volunteer community visitor who will visit regularly and become a friend, thereby improving the quality of life for the senior person,” a Yorke Peninsula Community Transport spokesperson said. “This service is most rewarding for both our volunteers and clients.”

Volunteer Paula Green-Watters looks forward to spending time with client Charmaine Palmer. “My first thought about my experience as a volunteer on this initiative was ‘to me, this doesn’t feel
like volunteering, it feels like I have made a new friend’,” Paula said. “Charmaine is full of life, charisma and gumption; she has shared so many happy and not so happy life experiences with me, which have been wonderful to hear about. It gives me pleasure to know that I’m bringing a smile to Charmaine’s day.”

Paula said their friendship is truly equal, which was a surprise to her. “I look forward to seeing Charmaine, having a coffee, hearing about how she has been, listening to more of her wonderful life stories,” she said. “Visiting Charmaine makes me slow down, take stock of the day and count my blessings. “My problems are left at the door and it’s a meaningful time spent with a special
person less able to get out and about as independently as myself. Volunteering has enriched my life. It makes me proud to be part of a community that demonstrably cares about their senior people.”

If you would like to help with seniors in our community as a valued volunteer please call Yorke Peninsula Community Transport on 8853 3700.

Yorke Peninsula Country Times Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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